Ministry Brews exists to inspire fellowship!

You start your day off with a cup of coffee. You are waking up from a night of rest. Maybe you fellowship with God, you say a prayer and read the Bible. Maybe you look at your schedule mindful of God! You are wake and alert to the fellowship of a new day!

You are meeting somone for coffee. Coffee has been the drink for meeting new friends or even a future spouse. “Do you want to get a cup of coffee?” is an intimate but comfortable invitation for fellowship.

You are responsible for organizing a party, maybe for family or close friends. As your guests walk through the door, you say, “Do you want a cup of coffee?” It is like saying, “You are welcome to fellowship here.”

You are meeting for a business meeting. Your enterprise needs all parties to connect. Each person has an interest, you are looking for the greater good where everyone benefites. As each person assembles, you offer fellowship. “Enjoy a cup of coffee before we get started.”

You are holding a Bible study. The only thing you are serving is coffee. You have been to Bible studies before where the coffee was bitter with few takers. You want to inspire closeness, you brew coffee that inspires fellowship. You notice the difference as people empty the pot and enjoy one another’s company.

You are responsible for coffee for your church. In the past, coffee was just a commodity you bought as the lowest price. Maybe you see your responisbility differently. You want to welcome new people into your church with great tasting coffee. Attending a new church is challenging for most people. You want to them to say as they leave their first time, “Wow, this church has amazing coffee!”

Ministry Brews are selected with fellowship in mind. Each blend is chosen for a mellow flavor that inspires warmth and connection. Sharing a cup together has inspired peace for years.

If you are are going to brew coffee, brew fellowship and warmth as well.