Church Coffee Ministry

Most first time attendees come distracted as they visit your church for the first time. They are often nervous and even have a difficult time with the songs and the sermon. Experienced church leaders know this. There are many things you cannot control when a first-time attendee shows up. But you can control your church coffee ministry, and you will be surprised at the results.

One minister once said,

A great cup of coffee is like a great sermon, people come back for more!

When a first-time attendee shows up in your church, your goal is to help that first-time attendee become a second-time one, then a third-time attendee. Your goal is a new member who has found your church to be home.

The Ministry of Coffee Helps

Coffee helps! Great coffee helps more!

In a Christianity Today article, “Coffee: The Beverage That Fuels the Church”, Martyn Wendell Jones makes a compelling case for churches offering great coffee as a strategy to attract and retain visitors.

Wendell noticed that his church was growing linked to coffee as a factor. He asked his pastor why the church coffee ministry helps,

“The age of crappy church coffee is at an end!” my associate pastor tells me when I ask him about what we’re drinking. He sees the church’s refreshments table as a gesture of goodwill towards its guests. “I’d much rather we spend money on hospitality if we can.”

The pastor went on to say,

“Coffee is like a comfort blanket that young professionals carry around after the service, and it gives them courage to interact with one another,” Pastor Kyle replies. “For me, hospitality is guided by the principle that we welcome the stranger as we would welcome Christ. For me, coffee is the way I would welcome Christ.”

Ministry Brews is passionate about helping churches grow through the Church Coffee Ministry whether helping them buy quality coffee wholesale, setting up a Sunday only coffee experience, or opening up a 7 day a weak Church Coffee Shop or a Ministry Brews Coffee Shop.

Ministry Brews will serve you in your needs. Ministry Brews features Magnum Coffee. We do this because Magnum Coffee not only provides superior coffee products, they supply fresher products. Coffee loses so much of its taste after a month. Magnum Coffee treats its coffee like a dairy business that cares for the freshness of its milk.

Ministry Brews will help you get the procedure together to help your coffee volunteers or staff run a coffee ministry program that makes a difference.